Episode 27 – At the Rodeo with Crazy Bull

I’ve had a very long day involving Pieta and 180 k drive. Not a productive day. Not a light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel day. Not a revelations day.

Today was a ride-it-out day.

But I rode it out. I stayed on the horse and I didn’t fall off the psycho wagon transporting us all to the borderline where my personality does the splits.

I had a holdover at Pieta to keep me ticking over till my proper treatment starts on Monday and while I’ve been withdrawn and fragile since I got back, the Black Burn has eased.

All I can write now (lame attempt at a homophonic pun…) is that sometimes you just have to make it through the day. For what? I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow why I stuck with today.

The Apprentice however, was the light at the end of today’s isolation tunnel – to see gobshites even more deluded about their own self importance and worth than me, make utter (I banned myself saying ‘making a tit of oneself’, didn’t I? In a moment of femisist sociolinguistic fervour, no doubt) testicles of themselves on national television.

“Please Lord Sugar, Please just give me…

*KB rolls eyes in disbelief at the shame this girl is bringing on the name of women*

“Shat ap. Getttt owwwwwt”

Hey, Wednesday, you’re fired…

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