Interlude – Light The Fire

Very quickly…

It’s been an ok morning. Is it ok to use ok as an adjective? It’s kinda lazy English, as is kinda.

I’m in my car outside Pieta. Why do I dread this so much? It’s not getting any easier.

On the plus side, I’m very proud of myself that I’ve made it here. Not because of any depression/crazy bitch related issues but because I’m notoriously poor at directing myself anywhere. As bad at navigating as I am at timekeeping. Thanks to good oul Google Maps I came here off motorway and much more quickly. Woo hoo, go me. Or go Google really. But there were limited hipster cyclists for me to mow down and the roads were emptied of yummy mummies dropping their bowl-cut boys to school in SUVs with those little “My Family” stick people stickers on the rear view window: they were all out pounding the roads, swanky coffees in hand, in the Hunter wellies and Seagreen puffas.

Anyway, I’m now advising Pieta man on flowers for the top of the little electric fire he’s just moved into the waiting room.

One comment

  1. faultsofawallflower · November 6, 2014

    I’m proud of you for going to Pieta, you’ve come so far xx

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