Interlude II- The Trendy Beetroot

I ran. Three miles. Slowly. And my face looks like a beetroot. Have you noticed how trendy beetroot has become? Not just pickled and on a few lettuce leaves for Sunday tea anymore, with silver skin onions. Beetroot and tofu and walnuts. I’ve see a lot lately. A bit like sundried tomatoes and deep fried Camembert (not together) in the early noughties. I remember the first time I saw a sun dried tomato. In olive oil. I thought it looked like a something so taboo even this blog isn’t the place to discuss it. Taboos are funny old things.

Anyway, I ran. The Marchioness will be pleased. I smell even worse now. I need a shower. Ugh. Effort. I need to wash my hair and I hate walking my mop.

Then drive back to the city and burn up in an IceSweat until it’s time to get up again and face this shit for another day.

DR 💋

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