Interlude – I’m More Of A Question, Really

A quick one – is it self important that I’d like to promote my blog? I’d like more people to read it: to help them, to give them a laugh; or if nothing else to see someone else put crazy on a page. Or on a screen, as if were. I doubt anyone’s printing this shit.

I’m new to Blogdom so I don’t know what’s the done thing. So I’m asking, what’s the done thing?

DR 💋


  1. therabbitholez · December 2, 2014

    have you got a Twitter feed, you can find in dashboard in widgets
    reading and commenting is the easiet way
    Try blogging 101, it’s on the bottom of your page..right at the bottom.
    Theres the WP follow me button
    What categories doyou post your blog to
    Do you check your stats to see where you get readers and how they are arriving on your blog, also time of day is a factor(I@m in the Uk so Early afternoo seems to get my blog traffic moving.

    Hope this helps:)


    • dottyrocker · December 2, 2014

      Thank you so much! You are so good to share your time and tips!

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      • therabbitholez · December 2, 2014

        Also look at your blog theme, does it fit all the things you want on your blog, againDashboard gives you loads of optionsfor everything.


      • dottyrocker · December 2, 2014

        I think I really need to sit down and explore!

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