This Would Have Been Episode 43

Thank you, firstly, for all the helpful suggestions to get the blog out there. Currently, Omnipresent Social Media Site is playing God with my page so that’s frustrating. Secondly, I haven’t done anything other than Chirp a bit on Instant Update Social Media Site. The days are slipping away from me. I feel the creeping of non productivity crawling like ivy around my ankles fastening me to a spot marked by an “F” for Failure. That word. Failure and Guilt. Are they particularly Irish preoccupations (I couldn’t think of that word just now: preoccupancies, no, that’s not right… Yes, they did let me teach literacy), entrenched post colonial emotional hangover symptoms? Or is it just me having notions about myself, thinking I should be a great wan, achieving and shit?

This is how much of tonight’s post remained… AFTER THE REST DISAPPEARED!

Guess I’ll sort the laundry now.

DR 💋

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