Interlude III – Back To What, Actually?

Well I made it back to the big city. I don’t see many bright lights however. It’s all a bit grim here in VillageintheCity: cold, closed, quiet.

I want to be in my pyjamas in my bed listening to The Archers, no, I’m not eighty seven. It’s actually (actually is such an overused word: I can’t decide if I like it or not) excellent. There’s a story line at the moment about coercive control in a relationship. Rob is slowly changing Helen into the version of herself over which he can exert maximum well, control: her friends; her career; her clothes; her parenting. I once had a boyfriend a bit like that: not an emotional abuser but he did want me more like what fit his family expectations than what I actually (“actually” again) was. I find myself getting annoyed with Helen and my old self for not seeing it. Helen is going to lose friends: I lost a friend because of a man. Sistas before mistas.

I’m really tired now. And a bit fluey. I need my bed. I wish I had the energy to undress and clean my face and teeth. I hate all the palaver involved in getting ready to go to bed. If only the machine in The Jetsons had actually been invented. I’m trying to fit “actually” in as many times as actually possible now. Apologies for the abruptness (that actually doesn’t look like a word: abruptness, actually). I will write an actual Episode tomorrow.

Kinda sorry I didn’t stay with My Lady & co. now. Although I’m sure I won’t say that in the morning when I’m down a two hour panic drive to get ElsaDaughter to school on time.

Although, being only fifteen minutes away never actually prevented poor timekeeping for me.

Goodnight, actually.

DR đŸ’‹

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