Interlude – Cock(less)tales

A very short one as I am drunk and in need of my bed.

Tonight was Christmas Reunion Night Out for the old school gang. We were missing a few: one in hospital, one in the States; a couple tied up with life stuff. But the core of the representatives remained intact twenty two years after we first began to mould ourselves into our little crew, sitting Backstage at lunchtime; in choir on the steps in the hall; running up the Locker Room Stairs to Room 30; sunning ourselves at the back of Cluain Mhuire; going to Beauty Care in Thursdays at lunchtime in Sixth Year.

I could go on about them all individually, I’d love to and I will -some I have already – but these women. These girls who I’ve grown up with, loved with, grieved with, argued with, fallen out with, made up with… they are in my essence, all that is good in me is learned from them.

These women.

A nineties classic that gets our rocks off or a fairytale in which our dreams our kept.

Thank you. For being such women, and for dragging me with you for two decades.

Now put those boobs away and go to bed. And drink a pint of water before you do!

The photo is from the Unisex toilets in our restaurant. I like that is assumes we’re “ladies”.

PS The Artist: get well soon! X x

DR 💋

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