Interlude – And Breathe… 

I’m exhausted and I feel like I’m going to faint and/or throw up all over myself but I did it, I got through the compact meltdown this morning. I managed to get myself together enough to teach a Speech and Drama class and it went well, I would go so far as to say I enjoyed it. I couldn’t have done this without Scandi who made me tea and sat in on the class, as part of her teacher training, and also a woman I’ve never met who seems to be uncannily similar in terms of mental health experience and fields of study and career. Her kind and honest words got me through scalding tears and a strong inclination to hurt myself. 

I’ve got my prescription sorted (which seemed like an impossible thing to sort earlier) and picked up things for dinner (the big grocery shop will have to wait, due to a. funding and b. energy supply). 

It passes, just remember that when you can’t remember anything else. I still feel like shit but I’m back in the world and I’m not bleeding, scarred, or dead. 


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